Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Outfit Of The Day

Hello lovelies! 
Today has been an unusually brilliant Tuesday as both my early lectures have been cancelled for the rest of the year, so I don't have to be in uni until one, instead of the ungodly hour of 9am.
 My lie-in was interrupted by my very excited flatmate, who was on the phone being interviewed for Million Pound Drop on Channel 4! She entered us for the game show a few weeks ago, and we were both interviewed over the phone and given a short quiz (I got 8/10, and successfully answered questions on history and football - score!) and we were both invited to a second interview in London in March. I have tried not to get too over-excited, however my imagination did wander in boring parts of the lecture about a what I'd buy with my 'winnings'...Yves Saint Laurent rings and Louboutin's spring to mind!
I am definitely getting ahead of myself here, but I will of course let you know how the interview goes in a few weeks.

Anyway, on to the main topic! I thought I would have a go at an OOTD post as I haven't done one yet, but have seen great post's from other blogger's, and am looking to try out new features to add to my blog that hopefully readers will enjoy. 
Today was just a casual outfit for uni. I am wearing -

Scarf - £3, Primark
Camel frilled waistcoat - £7.99 down from £39.99, Zara
Black Cardi - £6, Primark
Grey t-shirt dress - $12, Forever 21 (USA)

Thin brown belt, £2, Primark 

Sunglasses - $5, Forever 21 (USA)
Gold earrings - free, my granny's from the 80's!
Middle ring - £3, sale, Topshop
Snake ring - 2euros, Spain
Nail Varnish - £5, 'Nude Beige', Models Own

I apologise about the lameee poses, and again about the bad quality pictures. I have thought about buying a nice Canon SLR but think its a bit expensive just for blogging purposes, especially when I have only just started to take this seriously again. What camera do you ladies use for your blog pictures?


  1. dope shades xx


  2. thank you! checked you out, great blog and picture selection xxx

  3. Cute outfit:) i love the scarf! I wish they had Primark here in New Zealand. You can get such cute stuff from there.

    Shannon <3

  4. Thank you! Primark is a godsend, hopefully you've been able to experience it at least once! xxx