Thursday, 31 March 2011

Nail Art #3 - Chocolate-y Polka Dotty


I have been a little quiet these past few days, but in truth nothing much has happened that's worth blogging about, or that I have pictures for, and I didn't want to bore you with picture-less posts! 
I received my nail art dotting tool from Hong Kong yesterday, and thought I would try it out on my tootsies as it would be easier than trying to do my left hand with my shaky right hand. My toes are usually painted a standard nude or pink, but I wanted to jazz them up a bit in time for this great weather, while catching up with on One Tree Hill season 7 (I have watched EVERY other programme in existence) so here are a few pictures from my continued forays into nail art!
Nail Art Dotting Tool's
Barry M 'Matt White' and Models Own 'Becca's Brown'
Big was my first attempt!
I used my newish brown from Models Own, which is currently my favourite shade in my collection, and I thought white dots would stand out more than nude. Obviously its not the neatest attempt, and I've seen many blogger's doing a far superior job, but I at least am pleased! The tool's came in a set of five with different sized nibs for about £1.50 of ebay so it was definitely worth purchasing, although it took around two or three weeks to arrive. 

What colour combo's would you like to see me try? Also I changed my blog background for hopefully the final time. As cute as my previous background was I didn't think that the light pastel colours reflected my personality - This OTT bright, glittery, jewellery wallpaper is much more Scarlett style, I hope you approve!

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  1. Very cute! For a first attempt, these turned out great :) i love experimenting with different nail art designs x