Thursday, 31 March 2011

Nail Art #3 - Chocolate-y Polka Dotty


I have been a little quiet these past few days, but in truth nothing much has happened that's worth blogging about, or that I have pictures for, and I didn't want to bore you with picture-less posts! 
I received my nail art dotting tool from Hong Kong yesterday, and thought I would try it out on my tootsies as it would be easier than trying to do my left hand with my shaky right hand. My toes are usually painted a standard nude or pink, but I wanted to jazz them up a bit in time for this great weather, while catching up with on One Tree Hill season 7 (I have watched EVERY other programme in existence) so here are a few pictures from my continued forays into nail art!
Nail Art Dotting Tool's
Barry M 'Matt White' and Models Own 'Becca's Brown'
Big was my first attempt!
I used my newish brown from Models Own, which is currently my favourite shade in my collection, and I thought white dots would stand out more than nude. Obviously its not the neatest attempt, and I've seen many blogger's doing a far superior job, but I at least am pleased! The tool's came in a set of five with different sized nibs for about £1.50 of ebay so it was definitely worth purchasing, although it took around two or three weeks to arrive. 

What colour combo's would you like to see me try? Also I changed my blog background for hopefully the final time. As cute as my previous background was I didn't think that the light pastel colours reflected my personality - This OTT bright, glittery, jewellery wallpaper is much more Scarlett style, I hope you approve!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Little Darling, It Seem's Like Years Since It's Been Clear

Wonderful weather in Southampton at the moment - I have a few girls from my course following my little blog so I'm sure they all know this! Thought I'd share with you something I wore to uni yesterday. I've really been embracing the seventies/hippy trend that's big for S/S and have found an way to update my chiffon blouses that saw me through 2010, by simply layering it with my new brown fringed waistcoat and lashings of jewellery - something I'm prone to wearing anyway. 

The dove grey blouse is a 2010 purchase from H&M. It's hard to see in the pictures, but it has a lovely detail around the neckline, and lovely floaty sleeves. I put on three long chains that I've had lying around for the past couple of years, and my new green pendant. I also wore some new rings, my sunflower headband, jeggings (because its not exactly boiling point...yet) some peep toe brown pumps from last summer, and a distressed faux leather peasant - style bag that I picked up in Primark for about a £1 last year, and forgot I had.
I can foresee myself wearing this style for at least a few weeks, although I've also been obsessing a little over Aztec prints - maybe I will try and work a Aztec/hippy hybrid style someday soon?!

I don't really know if I have any regular readers or if I'm just boring you(I hope not!) but I really appreciate anyone taking the time to look at my blog and especially feedback comments, so thank you if you do.

If you are a regular reader, is there anything you want to see more/less of on my blog? 

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

You Are The Ever-Living Ghost Of What Once Was

Evening all!

I went home for the weekend for more Thorpe Park training so was too much of a busy bee to blog, sorry! Also Anna and I had our million pound drop interview (eek!) yesterday in London which was a fun but nerve-wracking experience, I'll let you all know how I got on as soon as I know. My mum brought me home some lovely new bits when she went shopping in Watford, so I finally have a wardrobe to match the weather!

Fringed waistcoat, Primark
Dress's, Primark
Dress's, Primark

Floral shirt - dress, Primark
 I also got treated to some crochet black and white pumps, and some black brogues for work. I am in LOVE with the waistcoat, I have been wearing it non - stop since I got it, and the printed shell sundress reminds me of Miu Miu's crazy print banana and fruit pieces.

Did you guess the song from my blog title? Its Band of Horses 'No one's gonna love you' - I've been listening to Cee-Lo Green's cover of it non-stop for days, have you heard either version? 
If you haven't, you can treat your ears here.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

#2 Nail Art - Feminine Flash

After an early start at uni today I popped into town to buy some scotch tape for my next nail art attempt. I wanted to paint a glittery triangle using 'Mystic Mauve', but couldn't decide whether it would look better on a lilac or pink base. In the end I decided to alternate colours, something I haven't done for years! I thought it would look pretty, and show me which colour worked best for future reference.
I started off by cutting strips of scotch tape and layering them over my nails, leaving a bare space in the middle of each nail. I then whacked on liberal amounts of the glitter polish and left to dry. I did one hand at a time, making sure they were completely dry before removing the tape, and it really is as easy as that!

Surprisingly as a left hander my left hand turned out neater, but that is probably because I painted it second so knew what to expect. I am really pleased with my little DIY nail art sesh - What do you think?

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

#1 Nail Art - Brown and Bronze

It seems to me that nail art has suddenly come out of nowhere and leapt on the cuticles of every girl who knows her stuff. I was inspired to dabble in it by the enormously talented Salla who is well ahead of the trend and has been doing it on her blog for yonks. My attempt looks like kids play compared to her beautiful nails, but you have to start somewhere! Models Own had a 3 for 2 promotion in boots, so I picked us these delectable shades -
L-R, Bronze Rage, Becca's Brown, Mystic mauve
Brown with bronze tips
 complimented by my lovely new bling
I really loved the effect, and will be trying out the 'Mystic Mauve' shade with either a lilac or pink shade tomorrow probably. I also ordered a nail dotting tool from ebay to jazz up my nails, although goodness knows how they will look!
In other news, I went home from uni last Tuesday as I felt really ill and run down. My mum and my granny gave me a lot of TLC, and I felt better a few days later, although I'm not feeling tip-top quite yet! I went shopping and got a lovely new camel dress in the sale for a 21st in a few weeks time, and some new DOUBLE eyelashes from eyelure which I've been lusting after for ages!
for extra voluminous peepers!
I also went to my friend Izzy's 21st on the Saturday day/night, and felt very summery so I wore my new lashes, a sunflower headband and a simple but cute navy smock dress, lashings of necklaces and rings and some brown boat shoes.
 I also got taken out by Lewis for a delicious dinner at ASK where I had a chicken and mushroom calzone with added pesto and spinach...yum! On Sunday I watched 80's movie 'Uncle Buck' with the boyfriend and parents while enjoying a curry; we never seem to get Indian takeaway in Southampton as the nearby Chinese is £4.50 for a huge meal, which can't really be beaten for a student on a budget!
On Monday I had my training day at Thorpe Park which got me quite excited for working there (and my 20 free visits pass, obvs!) and then whizzed back to Southampton for uni and the lovely weather.
My Saturday day/night time party look
Did any of you girls debut a summery new look when the sun came out to play? 

Monday, 7 March 2011

Colour Colour Colour!

Good evening girlie's!

Just as I decide to banish my spending, I have decided that my entire wardrobe is too dark and drab, and desperately needs a spring overhaul.
The good news: I managed to persuade my mother to give me her card to online shop for 12(!) new pieces of jewellery I couldn't live without, a dress from Boohoo which is fast becoming my cheap online fall back fix, and numerous box-sets from Amazon to keep me occupied when I am procrastinating. These new purchases have me salivating at the mouth, but the bad news... I can't actually use any of them until my birthday next MONTH!
I feel like I have been hibernating this winter in layers upon layers and a nude and camel palette, and as the weather creeps towards acceptable I literally cannot wait to inject some colour into my s/s looks. 
The chic Camilla Belle has got me most excited about the colour block trend, and I actually think I might be a little bit in love with her in the below Gucci outfit, with the voluminous blown out barnet. The colours really, really should NOT work, but the emerald pants complement the purple top perfectly, and the tangerine blazer adds that extra zing. 
Camilla Belle, Gucci
I am looking to work these three colours in the next few months, but with lashings of turquoise, coral, lemon and mustard thrown in. I'm generally quite a matchy-matchy girl, so it will be interesting to see if I can clash my colour blocks and be comfortable!
I was absolutely in love with Mary Katrantzou's interior design inspired S/S 2011 collection when I first saw it, and as we tiptoe into spring I have found myself revisiting the collection on I have browsed all my usual online shopping haunts and have found absolutely nothing inspired by her show, and have even toyed with the idea of using transfer paper and printing similar images onto vest's and dresses, but that is just an idle thought at the moment.
Mary Katrantzou, S/S 2011
I have also developed a slight obsession with semi-precious stone pendants and ring's, which led to me buying four dangling pendants of various colours and shapes earlier today. I plan to wear all at once when they are given to me on birthday, or beforehand if I test my powers of persuasion on my mum! 
I think that they are gorgeous, and give off that 70's hippy vibe which also featured heavily on the catwalk, especially if paired with a large floppy hat. 
Topshop, £15
So my spring style plan? Clashing colours, peter pan collars, floppy hats, unusual prints and as much jewellery as I can cram on my person! Now we just need the weather to catch up with the catwalk...

Saturday, 5 March 2011

What's In My Make-up Bag?

Hi girls!
I've had a busy but nice couple of days since my last post. I have done a third of my 3000 word PR campaign for a high street store (which isn't due in until May!) and am on course to completing all my work that is due in this month. I'm feeling quite pleased with myself, as I'm usually the girl cramming to finish my work the night before.
Even though I vowed not to go out again for at least a few weeks I was persuaded to go to Bliss on Thursday, where I met Rick Edwards of Tool Academy fame. He posed for pictures after his DJ set:
He looked scruffy and a little bit out of it, and he is almost strangling me in this picture which I found quite amusing. I've managed to meet quite a few Z-list celebrities in my time - I might compile a post with all my stalker pictures one day!
After refusing to get out of bed all day after my vodkafest, I eventually got up at 10pm and went over to my friends house for sweeties and Disney which was a really nice relaxing night.
This morning I woke up refreshed and chirpy, and was enjoying my Saturday lunch in bed of tea and egg & cress sandwich when I thought I would write a beauty orientated post and let you all delve into my make-up bag, as I'm a little bit nosy and always interested to see what products people use to get their flawless make-up looks, so here it goes...

Believe it or not, this rather large make-up bag is downsized from my last one, which was more suitcase sized. I got this in TKMaxx I think, as I liked the size, shape, colour and handy zip pocket.
I didn't realise until I counted, but I actually carry around 25 pieces of make-up and product such as mirror, tweezers etc. on a daily basis, when at most I will touch up on concealer and lipstick! I'm not sure about you girls, but that seems like a hell of a lot of make-up in one bag.
My make-up is very much a mix of high and low end products, particularly with my base make-up. I would never apply foundation or concealer with my fingers, even though a lot of my friends do - I just don't think it gives me as good a coverage as a brush. I use a Bobbi Brown eyeshadow and foundation brush as my boyfriend bought me a huge set last year for my birthday. For bronzer and concealer I use the double ended brushes which were ridiculously good value for money at $9 for a set of five brushes in Florida. 
I swear by MAC studio sculpt foundation in shade NW30 as it gives the best coverage I have ever found in a foundation. It costs £23 which is a little steep, but it lasts me for six months and I use it liberally! I wear the matching shade concealer from MAC which comes in a small pot, but don't be deceived by size - it still lasts for at least five months.
 On top of my foundation I have recently taken to wearing L'oreal's true match powder in W3, which helps my make-up stay on for hours. I am also a disciple of Clinique's up-lighting liquid illuminator in blush, a great product that I use on my cheekbones and on the apples of my cheeks before blending in and brushing bronzer over. I generally only use this product on nights out as it is a little sparkly for daytime, but gives my skin a nice glow in the evening. 
Finally I use a cheap natural collection bronzer which I am not crazy about, but which does the job, as I have never found a more expensive bronzer that has wowed me. I have also taken to wearing a sweep of blush mixed in with my bronzer to give me a more natural complexion, but the brand name has completely rubbed off, and I can't remember where I bought it from!
I am very paranoid about my thin lips, and rarely wear bright colours as I don't want to draw attention to my lack of luscious pout! I line my lips with a nude natural collection pencil, then fill in with a variety of natural collection lipsticks. While they are a great price and have a variety of nice colours, they are actually terrible value for money as they break within the first week most of the time.
For Christmas I got a lovely MAC lip gloss set from the 'A Tartan Tale' collection, and I use the Mimmy and Pretty, Quick! shades most days. Also I have abandoned my trusty chapstick for this amazing Nivea lip balm which soothes and smooths my chapped lips overnight!
I have worn liquid eyeliner every day without fail since I was 13 years old, and could probably draw a neat line and flick in my sleep. At the moment I am using a cheap collection 2000 liner, which lasts all day and has a nice nib. 
I use Maybelline 'Falsies Volume' mascara which is good but dries out a little quick. I swear by MAC and Urban Decay eyeshadows, and have taken to putting a slick of Urban Decay primer underneath - it really works!
 I also have used Benefit 'Eye Bright' every day  for years to line inside my eyes - it really makes my eyes look wide awake.  I keep Benefit 'Bad Gal' in my bag if I occasionally feel like vamping up my face. The only other  liner I use is the gold pencil from 17 underneath my bottom lashes on lights out, as it gives a really nice and discreet shimmer to my eyes. Finally I fill in my eyebrows with a brilliant Rimmel pencil that cost only £2.99 but matches my brow colour perfectly - I couldn't live without it now! 
Make-up accessory wise I keep my brilliant and prized tweezers in my bag for plucking emergencies, and have about a million eyelure eyelash glues all over my room as it is the only glue I trust for my hefty night-time fake eyelashes. 

After assessing my make-up I've realised I'm definately in a little bit of a rut, as my main style hasn't changed in six years - I've worn practically the same make up since I was 13/14! 
Have you ladies had a good look in your make-up bags recently, and have you got any tips and tricks you'd care to share? 

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Spring Awakening

As much as I hate to admit it, I am growing up. I will be 20 next month, and finish uni in a little over a year, before heading out into the big world as an adult; a proper, grown-up, independent adult.

While this sends shivers of fear and delight through my body, I have decided that in honour of my impending birthday and my leaving of the lovely, young, carefree 'teens' that has warmly cocooned me for the past nine years, I am going to start being a lot more sensible (shudder.) To start, I will write a to-do list each month.
 Some of my goals are creativity - based, some are things I need to get around to but never seem to find the time, and some are just to break me out of usual cycle and to have new experiences, like when I visited the Southampton Maritime Museum and Marwell Zoo earlier this year. I happen to be the worlds worst organized person, so I am putting it up here for you all to see, and if nothing else, I will be guilt-tripped into crossing off my list!

This March, I would like to…

1.Start my new job at Thorpe Park

2. Ace my interview for ‘Million Pound Drop’ (!)

3.Make Birthday Plans for April

4.Visit somewhere new and interesting

5.Attend every university lecture, and at least one guest speaker session

6.Visit Southampton Library and read two new books

7.Finish all my work sooner than the night before deadline

8.Collect my GCSE and A –Level paintings from school on my next home visit

9.Cook a brand new recipe

10.Attend the gym at least twice a week

11.Blog three times a week.

Wish me Luck!

Outfit Of The Day

Hello lovelies! 
Today has been an unusually brilliant Tuesday as both my early lectures have been cancelled for the rest of the year, so I don't have to be in uni until one, instead of the ungodly hour of 9am.
 My lie-in was interrupted by my very excited flatmate, who was on the phone being interviewed for Million Pound Drop on Channel 4! She entered us for the game show a few weeks ago, and we were both interviewed over the phone and given a short quiz (I got 8/10, and successfully answered questions on history and football - score!) and we were both invited to a second interview in London in March. I have tried not to get too over-excited, however my imagination did wander in boring parts of the lecture about a what I'd buy with my 'winnings'...Yves Saint Laurent rings and Louboutin's spring to mind!
I am definitely getting ahead of myself here, but I will of course let you know how the interview goes in a few weeks.

Anyway, on to the main topic! I thought I would have a go at an OOTD post as I haven't done one yet, but have seen great post's from other blogger's, and am looking to try out new features to add to my blog that hopefully readers will enjoy. 
Today was just a casual outfit for uni. I am wearing -

Scarf - £3, Primark
Camel frilled waistcoat - £7.99 down from £39.99, Zara
Black Cardi - £6, Primark
Grey t-shirt dress - $12, Forever 21 (USA)

Thin brown belt, £2, Primark 

Sunglasses - $5, Forever 21 (USA)
Gold earrings - free, my granny's from the 80's!
Middle ring - £3, sale, Topshop
Snake ring - 2euros, Spain
Nail Varnish - £5, 'Nude Beige', Models Own

I apologise about the lameee poses, and again about the bad quality pictures. I have thought about buying a nice Canon SLR but think its a bit expensive just for blogging purposes, especially when I have only just started to take this seriously again. What camera do you ladies use for your blog pictures?

Monday, 28 February 2011

New Frocks for Nights Out

My lovely flatmate Anna and I have forgone a social life this term in favour of nights in watching the O.C and gossip girl in our pyjamas, and have turned into student hermits. This week we decided to break out of our rut and have gone out a few times in two weeks, starting last Saturday to 90 degrees and Kaos in Southampton, with the gorgeous 4 Wilton ladies. The following Tuesday we went to pre drinks and 90's for our friend Emily's 21st, although being the drunk weakling that I am, I neglected to make it to the final destination of Audio!
I bought a new dress from Boohoo for the occasion. I have never ordered from there before, and have only online shopped for clothes a handful of times, but with a few big nights out planned and West Quay devoid of options I decided to splurge and order two dresses. The first dress I bought is a black and white striped number, which has a slashed neckline and nipped in waist, with a lovely skater style skirt. This is my usual style, as I don't have the figure or confidence for body-con unfortunately! 

I wore my big voluminous hair extensions and simple gold jewellery, as anything too bold would have looked silly with the dress.
On Saturday I attended the 21st birthday party of one of my flatmates from halls, which was held on a boat that sailed around the Southampton docks. I went with my flatmate Anna, our flatmate next year Joanna, and Vicky. It was a really good night, even though my smuggled vodka got confiscated by a bouncer, which meant we had to fork out £10.50 for a bottle of absolutely vile rose wine!
I wore my other boohoo dress, although unfortunately I don't have any full length pictures of me wearing it. It is a beautiful bright green colour, with a high neckline covered in chiffon flowers. I wasn't crazy about the style, but I loved the colour so much I bought it anyway, and it was only £20. I wore it with nude courts, gold jewellery and my amazing five dollar earrings I picked up in New York in December. 
Anna and I forcing down the wine

my bargain-ous $5 earrings
It was a really good night, and it was nice to see everyone all dressed up on a boat, although I did feel a little bit like I was at my year 11 riverboat prom again! I know its a long way off, but I have no idea if I'll throw a big fancy party for my 21st, although it would be nice it seems like a lot of hassle.
Did anyone else do anything nice at the weekend?

Fruit Cocktail Nails

For the past week I have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of my first ebay purchase. As a die-hard Amazon girl, I had always been sceptical of ebay, despite many friends scoring bargain priced benefit make-up on the website. 
However, all that changed early last week when I was idly browsing (ok, putting off doing work and I'd run out of box sets to watch) when I spotted the cutest, prettiest, tiny little fruit stickers for nails. I am a sucker for anything glittery, cute, bright and a little bit naff, so I promptly snapped up 120 minuscule stickers for the princely sum of £1.24 all the way from Hong Kong. 
They dropped onto my doorstep today, and after I had completed boring but necessary tasks such as an Asda food shop, I scurried up to my room to try out my new playthings!
The nail art wheel - click here to buy your own!

I used: tweezers, a treatment nail varnish that turns clear as it dries (despite owning every nail colour under the sun, I could not find a clear anywhere in my drawer!) and the stickers.
My tools
Rather than put them an every nail, I decided to decorate my thumbs with as many stickers as possible. Below is the finished product...Voila!

A grapefruit, watermelon, orange, lime and two apple stickers.

In my nail art frenzy, I ordered another sticker wheel from Hong Kong, this time with a flower and butterfly theme. As soon as they arrive I will show you in a brand spanking new post. 
I'd love to know what you think; would you wear these stickers?