Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Spring Awakening

As much as I hate to admit it, I am growing up. I will be 20 next month, and finish uni in a little over a year, before heading out into the big world as an adult; a proper, grown-up, independent adult.

While this sends shivers of fear and delight through my body, I have decided that in honour of my impending birthday and my leaving of the lovely, young, carefree 'teens' that has warmly cocooned me for the past nine years, I am going to start being a lot more sensible (shudder.) To start, I will write a to-do list each month.
 Some of my goals are creativity - based, some are things I need to get around to but never seem to find the time, and some are just to break me out of usual cycle and to have new experiences, like when I visited the Southampton Maritime Museum and Marwell Zoo earlier this year. I happen to be the worlds worst organized person, so I am putting it up here for you all to see, and if nothing else, I will be guilt-tripped into crossing off my list!

This March, I would like to…

1.Start my new job at Thorpe Park

2. Ace my interview for ‘Million Pound Drop’ (!)

3.Make Birthday Plans for April

4.Visit somewhere new and interesting

5.Attend every university lecture, and at least one guest speaker session

6.Visit Southampton Library and read two new books

7.Finish all my work sooner than the night before deadline

8.Collect my GCSE and A –Level paintings from school on my next home visit

9.Cook a brand new recipe

10.Attend the gym at least twice a week

11.Blog three times a week.

Wish me Luck!


  1. If your gymming, I am with you!

  2. working at thorpe park? amazing xxx

  3. Yeah I am part time, I'm excited! Just had a look at your blog, its lovely xxx

  4. Such a good idea, I wish I'd done this when I turned 20!
    Maybe when I'm 21...
    Million pound drop?! Jel!

  5. I know, hope I do well in the interview! I'm going to try and make a list each month, as I have so many things to do but always forget!