Saturday, 5 March 2011

What's In My Make-up Bag?

Hi girls!
I've had a busy but nice couple of days since my last post. I have done a third of my 3000 word PR campaign for a high street store (which isn't due in until May!) and am on course to completing all my work that is due in this month. I'm feeling quite pleased with myself, as I'm usually the girl cramming to finish my work the night before.
Even though I vowed not to go out again for at least a few weeks I was persuaded to go to Bliss on Thursday, where I met Rick Edwards of Tool Academy fame. He posed for pictures after his DJ set:
He looked scruffy and a little bit out of it, and he is almost strangling me in this picture which I found quite amusing. I've managed to meet quite a few Z-list celebrities in my time - I might compile a post with all my stalker pictures one day!
After refusing to get out of bed all day after my vodkafest, I eventually got up at 10pm and went over to my friends house for sweeties and Disney which was a really nice relaxing night.
This morning I woke up refreshed and chirpy, and was enjoying my Saturday lunch in bed of tea and egg & cress sandwich when I thought I would write a beauty orientated post and let you all delve into my make-up bag, as I'm a little bit nosy and always interested to see what products people use to get their flawless make-up looks, so here it goes...

Believe it or not, this rather large make-up bag is downsized from my last one, which was more suitcase sized. I got this in TKMaxx I think, as I liked the size, shape, colour and handy zip pocket.
I didn't realise until I counted, but I actually carry around 25 pieces of make-up and product such as mirror, tweezers etc. on a daily basis, when at most I will touch up on concealer and lipstick! I'm not sure about you girls, but that seems like a hell of a lot of make-up in one bag.
My make-up is very much a mix of high and low end products, particularly with my base make-up. I would never apply foundation or concealer with my fingers, even though a lot of my friends do - I just don't think it gives me as good a coverage as a brush. I use a Bobbi Brown eyeshadow and foundation brush as my boyfriend bought me a huge set last year for my birthday. For bronzer and concealer I use the double ended brushes which were ridiculously good value for money at $9 for a set of five brushes in Florida. 
I swear by MAC studio sculpt foundation in shade NW30 as it gives the best coverage I have ever found in a foundation. It costs £23 which is a little steep, but it lasts me for six months and I use it liberally! I wear the matching shade concealer from MAC which comes in a small pot, but don't be deceived by size - it still lasts for at least five months.
 On top of my foundation I have recently taken to wearing L'oreal's true match powder in W3, which helps my make-up stay on for hours. I am also a disciple of Clinique's up-lighting liquid illuminator in blush, a great product that I use on my cheekbones and on the apples of my cheeks before blending in and brushing bronzer over. I generally only use this product on nights out as it is a little sparkly for daytime, but gives my skin a nice glow in the evening. 
Finally I use a cheap natural collection bronzer which I am not crazy about, but which does the job, as I have never found a more expensive bronzer that has wowed me. I have also taken to wearing a sweep of blush mixed in with my bronzer to give me a more natural complexion, but the brand name has completely rubbed off, and I can't remember where I bought it from!
I am very paranoid about my thin lips, and rarely wear bright colours as I don't want to draw attention to my lack of luscious pout! I line my lips with a nude natural collection pencil, then fill in with a variety of natural collection lipsticks. While they are a great price and have a variety of nice colours, they are actually terrible value for money as they break within the first week most of the time.
For Christmas I got a lovely MAC lip gloss set from the 'A Tartan Tale' collection, and I use the Mimmy and Pretty, Quick! shades most days. Also I have abandoned my trusty chapstick for this amazing Nivea lip balm which soothes and smooths my chapped lips overnight!
I have worn liquid eyeliner every day without fail since I was 13 years old, and could probably draw a neat line and flick in my sleep. At the moment I am using a cheap collection 2000 liner, which lasts all day and has a nice nib. 
I use Maybelline 'Falsies Volume' mascara which is good but dries out a little quick. I swear by MAC and Urban Decay eyeshadows, and have taken to putting a slick of Urban Decay primer underneath - it really works!
 I also have used Benefit 'Eye Bright' every day  for years to line inside my eyes - it really makes my eyes look wide awake.  I keep Benefit 'Bad Gal' in my bag if I occasionally feel like vamping up my face. The only other  liner I use is the gold pencil from 17 underneath my bottom lashes on lights out, as it gives a really nice and discreet shimmer to my eyes. Finally I fill in my eyebrows with a brilliant Rimmel pencil that cost only £2.99 but matches my brow colour perfectly - I couldn't live without it now! 
Make-up accessory wise I keep my brilliant and prized tweezers in my bag for plucking emergencies, and have about a million eyelure eyelash glues all over my room as it is the only glue I trust for my hefty night-time fake eyelashes. 

After assessing my make-up I've realised I'm definately in a little bit of a rut, as my main style hasn't changed in six years - I've worn practically the same make up since I was 13/14! 
Have you ladies had a good look in your make-up bags recently, and have you got any tips and tricks you'd care to share? 


  1. Cute make up bag!
    I love the fact you have a mix of high and low end make up products, that's just like me:)
    Love your blog darl <3

  2. I just try and spend money on what is really necessary, and save on things like lip balm!
    Thank you, I'm reading through yours now! xx