Tuesday, 15 March 2011

#1 Nail Art - Brown and Bronze

It seems to me that nail art has suddenly come out of nowhere and leapt on the cuticles of every girl who knows her stuff. I was inspired to dabble in it by the enormously talented Salla who is well ahead of the trend and has been doing it on her blog for yonks. My attempt looks like kids play compared to her beautiful nails, but you have to start somewhere! Models Own had a 3 for 2 promotion in boots, so I picked us these delectable shades -
L-R, Bronze Rage, Becca's Brown, Mystic mauve
Brown with bronze tips
 complimented by my lovely new bling
I really loved the effect, and will be trying out the 'Mystic Mauve' shade with either a lilac or pink shade tomorrow probably. I also ordered a nail dotting tool from ebay to jazz up my nails, although goodness knows how they will look!
In other news, I went home from uni last Tuesday as I felt really ill and run down. My mum and my granny gave me a lot of TLC, and I felt better a few days later, although I'm not feeling tip-top quite yet! I went shopping and got a lovely new camel dress in the sale for a 21st in a few weeks time, and some new DOUBLE eyelashes from eyelure which I've been lusting after for ages!
for extra voluminous peepers!
I also went to my friend Izzy's 21st on the Saturday day/night, and felt very summery so I wore my new lashes, a sunflower headband and a simple but cute navy smock dress, lashings of necklaces and rings and some brown boat shoes.
 I also got taken out by Lewis for a delicious dinner at ASK where I had a chicken and mushroom calzone with added pesto and spinach...yum! On Sunday I watched 80's movie 'Uncle Buck' with the boyfriend and parents while enjoying a curry; we never seem to get Indian takeaway in Southampton as the nearby Chinese is £4.50 for a huge meal, which can't really be beaten for a student on a budget!
On Monday I had my training day at Thorpe Park which got me quite excited for working there (and my 20 free visits pass, obvs!) and then whizzed back to Southampton for uni and the lovely weather.
My Saturday day/night time party look
Did any of you girls debut a summery new look when the sun came out to play? 

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