More About Me

If you want to know more about me...
At home I live with my parents and younger brother and sister, but in Southampton its just me and my flatmate Anna in a gorgeous girlie flat. Next year we're moving in with Joanna and Naomi which is very exciting!
My boyfriend and I have been together for over two years, although we were involved for another two before that. He is over a foot taller than me which I love, and is (most of the time!) the best boyfriend I could ask for. 
I have a great group of uni friends, my three best friends from school Pasha, Amy and Holly, and my best friend from aged five onwards, Rosie.
I am a part time jack of all trades; I have worked as a lifeguard, waitress, shop girl, hairdressers Saturday girl, and coffee barista among other things.
My usual drink is a glass of white grenache Rose wine or a vodka diet coke and blackcurrant, although my great alcohol love is a few ice cold salty Margaritas!
I rarely watch films out of the cinema, but watch a million TV shows - Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, 90210, Pretty Little Liars, Desperate Housewives, Come Dine with me and Heston's Feasts, as well as previous addictions to the OC, Lost, Heroes, One Tree Hill and many others.
I love reading, and read extremely fast. I wish I read more intellectual material, but each to their own!
My favourite place in the entire world is a tiny island where my Granny has a house in Florida called Anna Maria Island. I am lucky enough to visit their at least once a year, and have spent every Christmas except one there in the past decade. I have also visited New York twice, Spain a million times, Italy, Boston, Ireland, Dominican Republic and France. I would love to go to Paris, Rome, Venice, Tokyo and Russia. 
I have an unhealthy obsession with high heels, and have over 25 pairs with me at uni.