Monday, 7 March 2011

Colour Colour Colour!

Good evening girlie's!

Just as I decide to banish my spending, I have decided that my entire wardrobe is too dark and drab, and desperately needs a spring overhaul.
The good news: I managed to persuade my mother to give me her card to online shop for 12(!) new pieces of jewellery I couldn't live without, a dress from Boohoo which is fast becoming my cheap online fall back fix, and numerous box-sets from Amazon to keep me occupied when I am procrastinating. These new purchases have me salivating at the mouth, but the bad news... I can't actually use any of them until my birthday next MONTH!
I feel like I have been hibernating this winter in layers upon layers and a nude and camel palette, and as the weather creeps towards acceptable I literally cannot wait to inject some colour into my s/s looks. 
The chic Camilla Belle has got me most excited about the colour block trend, and I actually think I might be a little bit in love with her in the below Gucci outfit, with the voluminous blown out barnet. The colours really, really should NOT work, but the emerald pants complement the purple top perfectly, and the tangerine blazer adds that extra zing. 
Camilla Belle, Gucci
I am looking to work these three colours in the next few months, but with lashings of turquoise, coral, lemon and mustard thrown in. I'm generally quite a matchy-matchy girl, so it will be interesting to see if I can clash my colour blocks and be comfortable!
I was absolutely in love with Mary Katrantzou's interior design inspired S/S 2011 collection when I first saw it, and as we tiptoe into spring I have found myself revisiting the collection on I have browsed all my usual online shopping haunts and have found absolutely nothing inspired by her show, and have even toyed with the idea of using transfer paper and printing similar images onto vest's and dresses, but that is just an idle thought at the moment.
Mary Katrantzou, S/S 2011
I have also developed a slight obsession with semi-precious stone pendants and ring's, which led to me buying four dangling pendants of various colours and shapes earlier today. I plan to wear all at once when they are given to me on birthday, or beforehand if I test my powers of persuasion on my mum! 
I think that they are gorgeous, and give off that 70's hippy vibe which also featured heavily on the catwalk, especially if paired with a large floppy hat. 
Topshop, £15
So my spring style plan? Clashing colours, peter pan collars, floppy hats, unusual prints and as much jewellery as I can cram on my person! Now we just need the weather to catch up with the catwalk...


  1. I know you have to wait a month, but isn't it so fun knowing you're getting such lovely presents? :)

  2. It is, but I am too impatient for my own good! Already had a sneak peek and wear of a bit bits...whoops! X

  3. That outfit looked so fabulous on camilla

  4. This is so the fun part, playing with your presents before you get them!