Thursday, 11 February 2010

Heat - Day 4

Today was AMAZING.
spoke to helen, the woman whose supervising me, and turns out she went to my uni, and lived in my halls! got another two week placement in october and some really good advice on how to work there in the future.
Also spent hours today opening Akex Reid fan club letters, i fucking hate that cunt!
Came home and decided to just relax in bed all night watching 90210, purrrrrrfect, although am job hunting which is a bit of a downer! someone employ me pleaseeeeeeeeeeee :)
Tommorrow is my last day which i'm upset about, but means i get a lie in for the first time all week on saturday - i miss my 12 hours of sleep! & i also have a 15 yr old assistant to come in and help me with my job, which lightens the load bigtime.
anyway, nunight xoxoxox

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

the boyfs make up prezzie, awrhhhhhhhh

Day 2/3 of Heat

Wed10feb 23.01
Yesterday was absolutely exhausting, think they were testing me out - spent 2 hours going to 3 M&S's for this particular choc bar for a photoshoot!!! was absolutely knackered last night, had to drag myself round to Rosies for dindins. The Boy surprised me aswell with a HUGE bunch of flowers and big box of ferrero rochers to make up for our big row ♥
Today felt better after actually falling asleep before midnight - first time since starting Uni i think!
Today was muchmuchmuch better, lots of sitting at my desk working, although Lucie Cave asked me to do her a fave, and after she thanked me, called me a sweetheart & held my hand, so i was loving life!
Treated myself to a gorgeous chunky retro gold casio digital watch from Urban Outfitters, complete barg - reduced from £42 to £19.99, my little treat for working so hard/a souvenir of Landaaaaaaaaantown. Got home today and was treated to a Nandos from the boyf, then watched the penultimate episode of Heroes season 3 - completely addicted to it.

Currently planning outfit for tomorrow while watching 90210- I'm thinking OTK boots, leggings, and my purple and white skull crop, with my chanel style box jacket and of course my watch!


Monday, 8 February 2010

Heat: Day one

Today was my first day at heat, and i literally wanna work there forever! Everyone was really sweet and it was such a nice fun office. I also got to go in the Closer office, which didn't have as good an atmosphere but was still really cool.
They had me look at last weeks issue and analyse it, saying what I didn't and did like about the magazine. Then i got a peek at the new issue of heat, closer, more and grazia (all coming out tommorrow!) & compared and analysed them. I had to also look on and analyse readers reactions to their stories, and brainstorm new feature ideas to show Lucie Cave (who I loveeeeee!) There was some more boring bits, like putting stickers on envelopes and sticking mags in them, but all in all was much more hands-on than I expected and I didn't make one cuppa for anyone...someone made me one!
I am soo jealous of the fashion and beauty editors; I gave out the post and in one day they recieved soo many freebies, on top of the mountain of bags and clothes and jewels that were mounded on their desks, most of not even opened!!!!!!!
anyway, gonna catch some 90210 (addicted) and get my 40winks ready for day two!!!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

the night before Heat..

tomorrow I start my work experience at heat mag - uber excited, got my outfit planned already;
leggings, gold studded navy vest, cream cardi & my cream, gold & navy scarf with boat shoes, as am too scared to wear heels in case I look like a knob! I will prob just do rubbish jobs but it will be soo good on my CV, & heat is my bible.
Although im sososo excited I am hating being home as I get no privacy, unlike uni! and my parents seem to think sleeping til gone noon is unacceptable...

P.s - someone buy me an adorable mini pig pleaseeeeeeeeeee????????????


Tuesday, 2 February 2010


j'adore the Louis Vuitton/Marc Jacobs bunny ears...may have to make myself a pair

back again!

Welllll i completely forgot i had this little thing but have decided to restart it.. am now at university studying fashion writing and culture, which i love love LOVE!
as with all students my sleeping pattern is fucked, so im staying up to ridiculous o clock watching Dirt on project free tv - (which i don't actually know if i like?!) but had a loveely night with ananski watching glee, secret diary of a call girl, and true beauty (complete fodder) paired with a curry takeout - licious!
currently loving - my pearl and sequin headband, my victorian lace up boots, daisy dares you ft chipmunk (what a perfectly insane match!) & my navy cream & gold dotty scarf...gorgeous