Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Sock Shock

Ri-Ri debuted a new look at the Kids Choice award 2010. Gone was the edgy hairdo and leather clad body, as she embraced the ladylike Spring trend, in a nude palette. I surprisingly like the two tone hair, and the Dior dress is gorgeous with those subtle shoulder pads (this is Rihanna after all, shes gotta get the 'edge' in somewhere) but what shocked me most about this picture was the reaction I got when I looked at her feet. No, she isn't wearing a fabulous pair of Louboutins, but a pair of simple Brian Atwood courts.

It was the socks that had me salivating! How could two little slips of material change the outfit from gorgeous too 2010 Hall of fame? Especially as I haven't been on board with the socks and shoes trend, thinking it is a bit too Rachel from Glee.

However, this one picture of Rihanna has inspired me to give socks a chance, and that they can be sexy rather than primary school.

As for what will be adorning my feet? I couldn't find any sparkly socks, but instead found a rather fetching nude pair which will hopefully serve to lengthen my legs rather than make 'em look short and stumpy...wish me luck!


Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The power of the Flower

Over the last few months, I really could not count how many times I have studied my outfit in the mirror, and feeling like something is missing. Then it hits me; a flower is what my outfit needs! Whether its for a trip to asda or a big night out, my flower obsession is spiralling out of control; in fact, I have no fewer than 12 different flowers of varying colours and sizes purely for hair accessories.
My flowery obsession does not stop at my head; I have bought five floral dresses in the last 2 weeks, which I will probably accesorize with - you guessed it - more flowers.
What has brought on this floral madness? Wherever I go, I see girls with their faces obstructed by what looks like half the local garden centre, and their outfits look like they've been rolling in my Granny's flower beds.
Not that I'm complaining - I rejoice in my new found love of the flower; feeling like spring and summer has finally arrived, and I delight in feeling like my drab long brown hair can be spruced up with a simple flower clip.

And who do I feel has nailed this topiary trend? The Queen of headbands, Blair Waldorf of course.

In fact, I was so taken with her outfit I paid homage to it last night;

Wearing a cream h&m shift dress with appliqúe flowers around the neckline (sadly obstructed by my new hair) and my new flower headband from h&m.

Now where's my Chuck Bass?


Monday, 12 April 2010

19 candles

So yesterday was my 19th birthday, which actually kind of started last Wednesday (I don't do things by halves!) with a trip to Reading with the boyf to pick out my birthday presents (I also don't do surprises). Typical of our luck, we got a flat tyre about 5minutes away from the shopping centre, but we eventually made it! I got treated to a black handbag with gold chain and studs, miss selfridge jewellery, a topshop voucher, and a gorgeous gold Swarovski necklace with a tiny gold crystal. I don't normally wear dainty jewellery prefering cheap and obnoxious costume jewellery, but I wanted something special to commerate my birthday. Wednesday night I hit up Vanilla with my best girls in vip, of course ;) I wore my new 24inch(!!!!) extensions which I loveeee as i feel like a mermaid (I know-lameeeeeeee) pink flowers and my new Topshp floral dress, which is backless and has a gorgeous applique detailing on the neckline and pockets.

On Friday I decided to throw a party at my boyfriends new house,which was an amazing night; my friends decorated the house with banners, streamers, balloons etc - I even had a Pinata! And I woke up with a murderous headache, a sure sign of a good night. I wore my new asos dress that is pale blue with a ruffle on the neckline, that I somehow managed to spill bleach all down, and ruin!!! with a cream belt and studded nude heels.
My birthday wrapped up yesterday with lots of gorgeous presents and new clothes to show off in Southampton :) and a boozy meal out with the family.
All in all, I had the best 5- day birthday anyone could wish for, but I am aware that this birthday brings me even closer to being a grown up and - eurgh! mature, & I admit I did have a little pity party yesterday in bed with a bottle of bucks fizz for my "lost youth" but it also means I'm a year closer to graduating, and finding my dream job (heat mag, call me) and that takes the edge of being almost 'in my twenties' for sure :)