Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Dogeared jewellery

My shopping obsession has led to my new favourite accessories discovery Dogeared, a philanthropic Californian jewellery and gift company who make accessories that are not only beautiful, but also have a message for the receiver.
After browsing for several hours I have discovered that they have different ranges, but my favourites are the dainty necklaces in the 'Make a wish' and 'Karma' styles. 
The surprisingly inexpensive (although I still can't afford one) necklaces are absolutely gorgeous, and are gold dipped also, which means you can wear them always without worrying about an unattractive rust coloured neck! I first saw their products, albeit unknowingly in 2004 when Marissa / Mischa Barton wore a gold wishbone necklace in several episodes of the O.C, that her real - life boyfriend had given her. I then found them when browsing the Asos site, but found a bigger collection at where I fell in love again and again and again! 

I thought I'd share with you my favourites, as they make a perfect gift for any female relative or friends birthdays, and Mothers day is next month. And if your buying, my birthday is just around the corner...

Gold Love and Happiness Hummingbird necklace, £45.95

Gold Make a Wish necklace, as seen on Mischa Barton, £44.95

Gold Guardian Angel necklace, £46.95


  1. I would so love a piece of that!! So more meaningful and cute!