Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Dip - Dye me!

Lately I have been coveting the dip - dye hairstyle that I've seen everywhere, but my hair has consisted of the same boring, brown side - fringed style for my entire life, with a brief and ill - advised foray into blonde highlights aged 11.
Since she has catapulted onto my fashion radar, Nicki Minaj's rainbow hue tresses have been a particular source of envy, but I remind myself that a) she wear's a wig, and 2) I would look ridiculous going into uni or Asda for my food shop with that hair do!

After deciding that I couldn't pull off a Lady Gaga - esque crazy colour, I started looking at the ladies who have been quietly rocking this trend for a few years, such as Ashlee Simpson and Rachel Bilson. They both have dark hair like me, but have literally tie - dyed the ends a lovely ombré colour.

Armed with print outs of google images of my inspiration, I popped down to boots and stocked up on blonde hair dye that promised to take my chocolate locks to a nice dark honey blonde, which can be bought here.

I separated my hair into two pig tails, and put copious amounts of dye in from just below my shoulders. The regret started to kick in precisely 30 seconds after the dye was put in, as I feared I would be left bald, or worse - with a bob! But after 40minutes and a quick wash and blow dry I was actually impressed! My hair had definitely got lighter, and although it wasn't the precise ombré colour I'd wanted, it was a light coppery brown. I am going to buy some more dye next week to make it slightly lighter so the contrast is more visible and I can get the perfect colour, but for now, here is my new Dip Dye do! 

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