Thursday, 18 March 2010

i haven't forgotten about you...

i know its been a while but better late than never.
had a horrendous hangover today - actually thought I might have incurred a skull injury last night in my drunken stupor!
Me & anna decided to go to a gay club & sing kareoke - did a truly hideous cover of Leann Rhimes -Can't fight the moonlight, and had an amazing time with our new gay friends and Lucinda Lashes, who compared us to girls aloud! I rocked the spanish senorita look, with a pink ruffled one shoulder dress and matching flower headband, and some golden oldies topshop shoes i have worn to death!
I had to laugh at us this morning though - anna threw up out the window of the taxi as we drove home, and i woke up half naked with cheese all over my floor, and a plate next to me with half eaten toast with heinz spag bol and doritos on top (wtf??!!!) which was not a happy hangover sight.

staying up late & watching first series of desperate housewives online (Bree Van Der Camp, i heart you) and wondering if my new chiffon blouse will go with me new straw hat?
hmmm i'll let you know tommorrow,
night ♥

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