Friday, 26 March 2010

The End of The Hills

Yesterday it was announced that The Hills would not be returning after the seventh season of the show.
This news absolutely DEVASTATED me!!!!!!!!!! As a fan since the Laguna Beach days, when Lauren was LC, had awful hair and Stephen Colletti was the man candy (Stephen who? exactly) I have religiously tuned into to this 'reality' show and followed the drama, romance and bitchiness of Lauren, Audrina & Heidi. I am not ashamed to admit that I cried along with Lauren as she confronted Audrina about their rift. I am not even ashamed to admit that I emailed MTV in the hopes that they would make me the Southampton LC (I know, i'm delusional, but I was encouraged!)
I admit the Hills did lose some of its sparkle when Kristen the BITCH replaced Lauren, but still I devoured this vapid nonsense, and looked forward to the Kristen-Justin Bobby-Audrina love triangle that was played out each week.
Yes The Hills did have its downfalls (Speidi; need I say more) but even I got a peverse enjoyment watching their ridiculous relationship develop into marriage, even if the first wedding didnt count!
The hills gave us the sex god that is Justin Bobby, the golden girl Lauren, the comedy gold that is Speidi's marriage counselling, and the envy of these gorgeous peoples lifestyles. and for this I will be forever grateful.
And MTV, if your reading this, I'm still available :)

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