Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Pixie Not

Some celebrities rile the fuck out of me for absolutely no reason. Alexandra Burke, & Leona Lewis spring to mind, but neither one compares of my wrath for a certain essex songstress.

Pixie Lott has great songs, she hasn't had any celeb feuds unlike her mouthy contemporary Lilly Allen, and she wears designers I can only dream of affording. But for some unknown, strange reason, i CANNOT STAND HER!

Hypocritical, I know, since i sing along with Gravity and even enjoy it, but something about the girl makes me want to screaaaaaaaaaaaaam. After thinking long and hard, I have come up with a number of reasons;

1. She alwaaaaaaaaays wears black. With all those freebie designer goodies, you'd expect her to shake it up a bit, but nope, not Pixie.

2. She seems completely manufactured, unlike Dasiy Dares You or Ellie Goulding - yeah gravity is awesome, but it sounds like Jordin Sparks, not a talented 'individual' Brit popstrel.

3. She is clearly mummy-whipped, and you can tell this by the name of her first single, and the fact that HER MOTHER turned down Russell Brand for dear Pixie, even though she is neither 11 nor mute.

4. Legions of men think she is God's gift, when I have seen pics of her without make-up - not a pretty sight.

5. This offends me most - shes so bloody boring! You never see her falling out of clubs blind drunk, or even has a slight bit of celeb beef - I'm not asking for Li-Lo but c'mon, give us something to talk about! Your from Essex for god's sake!


  1. Great post and blog! Check out Lauren Luke’s tutorial on how to get the Leona Lewis look


  2. thank you very much, will do! x