Thursday, 11 February 2010

Heat - Day 4

Today was AMAZING.
spoke to helen, the woman whose supervising me, and turns out she went to my uni, and lived in my halls! got another two week placement in october and some really good advice on how to work there in the future.
Also spent hours today opening Akex Reid fan club letters, i fucking hate that cunt!
Came home and decided to just relax in bed all night watching 90210, purrrrrrfect, although am job hunting which is a bit of a downer! someone employ me pleaseeeeeeeeeeee :)
Tommorrow is my last day which i'm upset about, but means i get a lie in for the first time all week on saturday - i miss my 12 hours of sleep! & i also have a 15 yr old assistant to come in and help me with my job, which lightens the load bigtime.
anyway, nunight xoxoxox

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