Monday, 12 April 2010

19 candles

So yesterday was my 19th birthday, which actually kind of started last Wednesday (I don't do things by halves!) with a trip to Reading with the boyf to pick out my birthday presents (I also don't do surprises). Typical of our luck, we got a flat tyre about 5minutes away from the shopping centre, but we eventually made it! I got treated to a black handbag with gold chain and studs, miss selfridge jewellery, a topshop voucher, and a gorgeous gold Swarovski necklace with a tiny gold crystal. I don't normally wear dainty jewellery prefering cheap and obnoxious costume jewellery, but I wanted something special to commerate my birthday. Wednesday night I hit up Vanilla with my best girls in vip, of course ;) I wore my new 24inch(!!!!) extensions which I loveeee as i feel like a mermaid (I know-lameeeeeeee) pink flowers and my new Topshp floral dress, which is backless and has a gorgeous applique detailing on the neckline and pockets.

On Friday I decided to throw a party at my boyfriends new house,which was an amazing night; my friends decorated the house with banners, streamers, balloons etc - I even had a Pinata! And I woke up with a murderous headache, a sure sign of a good night. I wore my new asos dress that is pale blue with a ruffle on the neckline, that I somehow managed to spill bleach all down, and ruin!!! with a cream belt and studded nude heels.
My birthday wrapped up yesterday with lots of gorgeous presents and new clothes to show off in Southampton :) and a boozy meal out with the family.
All in all, I had the best 5- day birthday anyone could wish for, but I am aware that this birthday brings me even closer to being a grown up and - eurgh! mature, & I admit I did have a little pity party yesterday in bed with a bottle of bucks fizz for my "lost youth" but it also means I'm a year closer to graduating, and finding my dream job (heat mag, call me) and that takes the edge of being almost 'in my twenties' for sure :)

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