Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Day 2/3 of Heat

Wed10feb 23.01
Yesterday was absolutely exhausting, think they were testing me out - spent 2 hours going to 3 M&S's for this particular choc bar for a photoshoot!!! was absolutely knackered last night, had to drag myself round to Rosies for dindins. The Boy surprised me aswell with a HUGE bunch of flowers and big box of ferrero rochers to make up for our big row ♥
Today felt better after actually falling asleep before midnight - first time since starting Uni i think!
Today was muchmuchmuch better, lots of sitting at my desk working, although Lucie Cave asked me to do her a fave, and after she thanked me, called me a sweetheart & held my hand, so i was loving life!
Treated myself to a gorgeous chunky retro gold casio digital watch from Urban Outfitters, complete barg - reduced from £42 to £19.99, my little treat for working so hard/a souvenir of Landaaaaaaaaantown. Got home today and was treated to a Nandos from the boyf, then watched the penultimate episode of Heroes season 3 - completely addicted to it.

Currently planning outfit for tomorrow while watching 90210- I'm thinking OTK boots, leggings, and my purple and white skull crop, with my chanel style box jacket and of course my watch!


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