Monday, 8 February 2010

Heat: Day one

Today was my first day at heat, and i literally wanna work there forever! Everyone was really sweet and it was such a nice fun office. I also got to go in the Closer office, which didn't have as good an atmosphere but was still really cool.
They had me look at last weeks issue and analyse it, saying what I didn't and did like about the magazine. Then i got a peek at the new issue of heat, closer, more and grazia (all coming out tommorrow!) & compared and analysed them. I had to also look on and analyse readers reactions to their stories, and brainstorm new feature ideas to show Lucie Cave (who I loveeeeee!) There was some more boring bits, like putting stickers on envelopes and sticking mags in them, but all in all was much more hands-on than I expected and I didn't make one cuppa for anyone...someone made me one!
I am soo jealous of the fashion and beauty editors; I gave out the post and in one day they recieved soo many freebies, on top of the mountain of bags and clothes and jewels that were mounded on their desks, most of not even opened!!!!!!!
anyway, gonna catch some 90210 (addicted) and get my 40winks ready for day two!!!

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