Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Sock Shock

Ri-Ri debuted a new look at the Kids Choice award 2010. Gone was the edgy hairdo and leather clad body, as she embraced the ladylike Spring trend, in a nude palette. I surprisingly like the two tone hair, and the Dior dress is gorgeous with those subtle shoulder pads (this is Rihanna after all, shes gotta get the 'edge' in somewhere) but what shocked me most about this picture was the reaction I got when I looked at her feet. No, she isn't wearing a fabulous pair of Louboutins, but a pair of simple Brian Atwood courts.

It was the socks that had me salivating! How could two little slips of material change the outfit from gorgeous too 2010 Hall of fame? Especially as I haven't been on board with the socks and shoes trend, thinking it is a bit too Rachel from Glee.

However, this one picture of Rihanna has inspired me to give socks a chance, and that they can be sexy rather than primary school.

As for what will be adorning my feet? I couldn't find any sparkly socks, but instead found a rather fetching nude pair which will hopefully serve to lengthen my legs rather than make 'em look short and stumpy...wish me luck!


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