Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Some of the crap I've spent £130 on in less than a week...

Despite being a poor student of little/no means, I have managed to spend an alarming amount of money in a few days. Thought I would share my new purchases so someone else can appreciate them...

This vintage style dress is a bargainous £7.50 from Primark, and has cute purple and green flowers. I wore it out the other night, accesorised with a white flower(what else), but I think Its more of a casual dress and wore it to uni today.

2 h&m bikinis for my hols -
the whole series of Vampire Diaries (not as good as the tv series but still got me hooked)

2 very silly bags i probably will never use - doll bag £4 Primark, rose bag £1.99 h&m kids

some AMAZING costume jewellery in the topshop sale - originally nearly £30 for both, i got for a cheeky fiver :)

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  1. Loveeee the H&M bikinis i nerli bought one last year :D